HeadHunter: 50% of Yekaterinburg Workers Denied Vacation

31 August 2016 (09:19)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 31, 2016. Over a half (54%) of Yekaterinburg residents faced difficulties persuading their employers to let them take a vacation, HeadHunter’s recent research indicates.

It appears that people in the marketing, PR, and advertising sectors, as well as lawyers, builders, and those working in sales have to deal with this problem much more often than others. Workers in top managerial positions, on the other hand, almost never find themselves in a situation like this.

‘The main reason an employer might not allow you to go on vacation would be a very busy time at work, according to 37% of respondents. Lack of coworkers who would be able to handle your cases in your absence was the second most popular justification. Yet every one in ten employees feels confident that their boss had no real ground to deny them leave,’ the report states.

When faced with the employer’s refusal to let them take their days off, those surveyed mostly had to obey the boss’s orders. However, every one in three people tried to get the permission, nevertheless. Most of these are younger workers with one to three years’ experience.

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