Akademichesky Developer to Get 31 Hectares Auction-Free

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 30, 2016. Sverdlovsk Region Government classed an investment project on the urban development/housing construction in Quarters 3 and 4 of Yekaterinburg’s Akademichesky District as a large-scale one. As a result, the project developer RSG-Akademicheskoye is going to be allocated 31 hectares of land without any auction procedures, the Cabinet’s website states.

‘The use of non-delineated land allotments for housing construction is one of the key tasks the constituency’s government is expected to cope with. Akademichesky District has proven a very good place for such projects over the last decade. This is now both Russia and Europe’s largest urban development project, so an ad hoc committee must make sure the projected blocks have been designed just as carefully as the already existing quarters. In which case, the developer might be offered preferential terms on this land patch in the south-west of Yekaterinburg,’ says Sverdlovsk Region Prime Minister Denis Pasler.

The new housing project will cover 1,300 hectares of land all in all. Blocks of apartment buildings (9m m2 altogether) are expected to become homes for 325,000 people. There will also be a school for 1,800 students, four kindergartens for 950 kids, a children’s clinic, and parking lots for 160,00 cars.

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