Ural Farmers Fear Losing 20% of Harvest Due to Heat Wave

12 August 2016 (09:17)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, August 12, 2016. Sverdlovsk Region risks losing up to 20% of possible harvest yield due to abnormally hot weather, Ural farmers informed UrBC.

According to Anatoly Zhiganov, a local farmer, insufficient humidity might affect everything: grains, potatoes, and cabbage, and the yield thus might turn out even worse than last year.
‘Things will look worse this year than last summer. We did have some excessive rain, but the harvest yield was good enough after all. This year’s output will probably be around 20% smaller,’ Zhiganov said.

Director of Bitimsky Farm Cooperative Mikhail Maltsev feels the same way.

‘Our grains have certainly been affected, so there’s little sense in expecting 4,000 kg off every hectare. We are lucky if we get 3,000 kg at least. There will be 20% to 25% less grain this year against the last,’ he says.

Kilachevsky Farm Cooperative expect the same.

‘This year’s grain yield will only come to 80% of last year’s produce,’ the cooperative head Anatoly Nikiforov told UrBC.

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