Yekaterinburg: Businesses Cost 50% Less

23 June 2016 (13:43)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 23, 2016. A ready-made Yekaterinburg-based business has come to cost 50% less on average since the start of the year, N1. RU reports.

An ‘average’ ready-made business is an office/shopping space that is 740 m2 big and costs 17.2m RUR to buy. In December 2015, the average asking price stood at nearly 35m RUR, with offices 1,232 m2 big. The per-square-meter price dropped from 28,300 RUR down to 23,300 RUR (-18%). The market supply has remained nearly the same as last year, but the more expensive offers came to be replaced by the cheaper options.

Rental options, motor shows/car mechanic’s, and cafes/restaurants were the top three most popular offers on the city’s market in December. Rental and food catering options are still there, while the automobile business is now only the fifth most popular offer, preceded by beautician’s and shops selling non-food items.

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