Yekaterinburg: Demand for Ready-Made Business Goes Down 17%

30 September 2016 (13:41)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 30, 2016. Demand for ready-made businesses dropped by 17% on Yekaterinburg market in August 2016 compared with one year earlier (the country’s average decrease was 7%), the website Avito’s press service informs UrBC.

Businesses in the tertiary sector sell best: such deals made up 30.5% of all market sales in August 2016 (-6.6% on a year earlier). Companies dealing in trade are the second most popular choice (their market share came to 22.7% (+2.1% on a year earlier), followed by catering (15.7%, up 2.4% on a year earlier), online sales (8.3%, up 2.1%), production (7.9%, down 0.3%), and entertainment (3.7%, up 1.3% on a year earlier). Agribusinesses and construction companies are at the bottom, with their market shares at 1.6% (the same as last year) and 1.5% (-0.2%), respectively.

In the meantime, the average asking price decreased from 3.2m RUR down to 2.3m RUR. It is still the highest in the agricultural sector (11.4m RUR in August 2016 against 12.5m RUR a year earlier), despite the price drop. Next come production (4.2m RUR in August 2016 against 8.1m RUR in August 2015), catering (2.1m RUR against 2.8m RUR a year earlier), entertainment (2m RUR against 2.1m RUR a year earlier), the building industry (1.1m RUR against 2.3m RUR a year earlier), and trade (1.3m RUR against 2.5m RUR a year earlier).

Prices, however, went up slightly for the online shops: their average asking price rose from 144,000 RUR to 182,000 RUR in the course of one year. Additionally, businesses in the tertiary sector cost the same as last year (2.6m RUR on average).

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