Russia’s alcohol exports drop 40%

17 February 2016 (09:28)

UrBC, Moscow, February 17, 2016. Russia’s vodka and strong drink exports declined by over 40% in both physical and monetary terms last year, Kommersant reports.

The newspaper refers to several countries’ customs statistics as indicating that $111.9m worth of strong drinks got exported from Russia last year. In physical terms, exports are estimated to drop by around 42%, down to $4.35m decaliters (the lowest figure since 2005).

Ukraine, whose relations with Russia went from bad to worse in 2014, used to be one of Russia’s largest vodka export markets. While as much as $38.6m worth of vodka was exported to Ukraine in 2013, only $12.2m got exported a year later. U.S.-bound alcohol exports decreased by three times, down to $3.87m, in 2015.

Great Britain was the largest importer of Russian vodka last year, with Russian brands making up 15% of the entire vodka market there. Imports to Germany, the United States, Poland, Canada, and France rose by 28%, 11%, 17%, 5%, and 7%, respectively.

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