Russians consume 5.3% less alcohol

16 February 2016 (09:27)

UrBC, Moscow, February 16, 2016. Russians consumed 5.3% less strong alcohol last year compared with one year previously; interestingly, the consumption of gin and tequila dropped most noticeably, by a whopping 20.3%, while that of whisky declined by 13.8%, RIA Novosti reports.

Analysts say the decrease was observable not only in quantitative but also in monetary terms: customers spent 1.5% less money on strong drinks. Experts from the company Nielsen explain customers tend to choose Russian drinks increasingly more often since imported alcohol has grown painfully expensive.

Director of the Russian Health Ministry’s Federal Psychiatry & Addiction Studies Medical Research Center Tatiana Klimenko also reported on a considerable drop in alcohol consumption last year. She said the yearly consumption figures for 2014 stood at 13.5 liters of spirit per capita in 2014 and at two liters less in 2015; the drastic decrease occurred immediately after a ban was imposed on selling alcohol at night time.

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