Sverdlovsk Region: Inflation rate at 1.1%

10 February 2016 (13:23)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 10, 2016. Sverdlovsk Region’s inflation rate came to 1.1% in January 2016 compared with December 2015, head of Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal State Statistical Service Elena Kutina said at a press conference today.

Prices rose by 4.7% in January compared with a month earlier; food items grew 1.3% more expensive, non-food items 0.8% more expensive.

The price of sugar, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, and carrots and other vegetables rose by 3.8%, 1.6%, 2.3%, 1.5%, and 10.5%, respectively, last month.

The overall price increase was estimated at 14.5% between January and December 2015 (compared with 10.6% in the year 2014).

People’s actual incomes dropped by 6.4% due to inflation, whereas in nominal terms, their average pay rose by 8.4%. 79.5% of Sverdlovsk Region residents’ income were directed to commodities and services.

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