Russian banks halve loans to private customers

UrBC, Moscow, February 2, 2016. Russian banks issued their private customers a total of 21.7m loans last year, which was 29% less than one year earlier. Also, the overall loan amount nearly halved (the figure went down by 46%) and amounted to 4.5 trillion RUR, Prime refers to the United Credit Bureau as stating.

The number of car loans issued to private customers, for instance, dropped by as much as 57%, down to 230,600, with the consolidated loan amount down to 147bn RUR (2.2 times less than in 2014). The average amount of money lent per borrowing party rose from 608,000 RUR to 638,000 RUR due to growing car prices.

The number of mortgages dropped by 36% (down to 470,000), with the consolidated amount down by 38% (down to 749bn RUR). The average amount of money per borrowing party shrank from 1.65m RUR to 1.59m RUR.

The number of cash loans decreased by 29%, down to 13.9m RUR, while the overall loan amount decreased by 48%, down to 1.3 trillion RUR. The average amount of money per borrowing party dropped from 127,000 RUR to 93,000 RUR.

Finally, the number of newly issued credit cards decreased by 27% (down to 7m) last year compared with the year 2014, the overall lent amount dropped by 47%, down to 241bn RUR. The average credit card limit also sank from 46,000 RUR to 34,000 RUR.

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