TMK plans to increase sales in 2016

1 February 2016 (09:29)

February 1, 2016. Pipe Metallurgical Company/TMK plans to ship considerably more products to customers both on the domestic and the international markets this year, the company press service says.

TMK sold 3,873,000,000 kg of steel pipes to customers last year, which was 11.5% less than in the year 2014. This was mainly because the company’s American customers needed fewer pipes since their drilling activity declined. The shipments dropped by 4% in the last quarter of the year compared with the third quarter and reached 938,000,000 kg.

Weldless pipe shipments dropped by 5% compared with 2014 and amounted to 2,413,000,000 kg. However, the shipments in the last quarter of the year exceeded those in the third quarter by 4.6% and reached 613,000,000 kg.

Welded pipe shipments declined by 20.5% in 2015 compared with 2014 and came to 1,460,000,000. This, again, had to do with decreased demand for OCTGs from the company’s American customers, given that the Russian customers’ demand for large-diameter pipes (LDPs) remained the same. In the last quarter of the year, shipments decreased by 16.8% compared with the third quarter and came to 325,000,000 kg.

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