Ural Vagon Zavod’s Volchansky plant expands production site

25 January 2016 (09:53)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 25, 2016. Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation bought out production premises of a former railway depot in Volchansk in order to use them as an industrial railcar production department for its Volchansky Mechanical Plant. The building used to belong to Volchansky Section, where dump-cars got repaired.

The company press service reports one advantage of buying the site lies in separating the plant’s production lines. Volchansky Mechanical Plant’s current premises will still be used for making grain containers, timber railcars, and tank platforms, while the former railcar depot will focus on dump-cars.

The new facility, whose area comes to 1,350 m2, will house the production of 33-9985, 33-5170, and 32-5188 makes with freight capacity of 105,000 kg, 80,000 kg, and 72,000 kg, respectively.

The plant is located next to copper mines where a variety of railcars, including dump-cars, get used. This means that the mining enterprises can become the plant’s customers and buy both dump-cars and repair services of the former depot.

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