Sverdlovsk Region: 26% of locals’ income goes to loan repayments

18 January 2016 (11:52)

January 18, 2016. The share of Sverdlovsk Region’s residents’ income directed to loan repayments amounted to 25.95% at the end of 2015, National Bureau of Credit History reports.

This monthly loan repayment/income ratio decreased by 0.95% compared with April 2015, whereas the country’s overall PTI dropped by as much as 3.91% (down to 26.91%) by the end of last year.

The ratio declined most noticeably in the segment of borrowers with medium-sized incomes (by 4.1%); as for the smallest-income and largest-income segments, the figures went down by 3.99% and 3.44%, respectively.

The debt burden remains the highest in Trans-Baikal Territory (35.97% of people’s incomes), Kalmykia (33.77%), Kemerov Region (32.22%), and Kurgan Region (31.74%).

The Bureau reports Russia’s overall remaining debt amount/annual income ratio went up by 0.07% and reached 49.01%.

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