Ural Vagon Zavod works on lean production in Chelyabinsk

8 December 2015 (13:13)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 8, 2015. Chelyabinsk-based Electromash (a member enterprise of Ural Vagon Zavod Corporation) is trying to introduce Total Production Maintenance principles at the plant.

The company press service says the system is being launched by work group leaders and members at all the primary production departments, with help from maintenance mechanics and the Lean Production launch group.

‘The secret behind TPM is that it does away with treating daily checkups and minor, seemingly unimportant faults as a formality. It is exactly these things that actually cause prolonged idle times and repairs in the end. So the expected result of the system’s consistent implementation is an increase in machine operators’ labor productivity, fewer accidental equipment breakdowns, fewer idle times, and fewer faulty items,’ the company says.

This year, Electromachine uses one unit of some unique, hard-to-maintain machinery in every one of its production departments; these machines are subject to daily checkups within the TPM system. The entire team of workers dealing with this piece of equipment, from operators to repairmen to mechanics to power engineers, are involved in these checkups.

The machinery that has gone through all the TPM stages successfully will bear a special sign to prove it.

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