Sverdlovsk Region employers owe workers 600,000 RUR in salaries and wages

20 October 2015 (09:14)

UrBC, Moscow, October 20, 2015. Sverdlovsk Region-based employers owe their workers a total of 600,000 RUR in delayed wages and salaries, Rosstat reports.

According to the statistics agency, the main reason employers haven’t been paying their workers is lack of own funds.

The overall amount of delayed pay came to over 3.46bn RUR in Russia on the whole on October 1, which exceeds the figures for a year earlier by 233m RUR. 3.34bn RUR (96.5%) were not paid in time because of lack of funds (up 178m RUR on a month earlier). 122 m RUR were not paid because funding came late from all sorts of budgetary sources (up 55m RUR on a month earlier). For one, 98m RUR had not been transferred from the federal budget (up 69m RUR on a month earlier), 7m RUR had not been transferred from constituencies’ budgets, and 17m RUR hadn’t been directed in time from local budgets.

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