Yekaterinburg rental rates go down 20%-25%

May 18, 2015. Yekaterinburg rental rates have dropped by an average of 6% since the beginning of 2015, Ural Chamber of Real Estate reports.

‘The average monthly rent for studio and one-bedroom apartments in Yekaterinburg decreased by 6% in the four months of 2015, while that for two-bedroom apartments went down by 3%. Compared with the year 2014, prices declined by 13% (studios), 11% (one-bedroom apartments), and 24% (two-bedroom ones),’ says head of the Chamber’s Analytical Department Mikhail Khorkov.

According to Khorkov, these changes mostly affected the owners, whereas the tenants, who have to face the growing housing bills, don’t find the decrease quite so noticeable.

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