MegaFon offers special rate on international calls

30 April 2015 (09:44)

April 30, 2015. MegaFon is launching a special offer on its international roaming services. Calls to destinations from among the most popular ones in Yekaterinburg’s Koltsovo Airport’s timetable are now up to 68% cheaper than the market’s average, the telecommunications provider’s press service says.

According to Koltsovo Airport’s data, Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and India are going to be the most popular places to travel to this summer. As for Europe, holiday-makers will head mostly for Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Montenegro.

MegaFon’s base rates for incoming calls when roaming is active in these countries and outgoing calls to Russia are, in the majority of cases, cheaper than other offers on the market and come to 49 RUR per minute. The carrier also offers the same price for calls from all Russian phone numbers and does not charge extra for connecting the call.

‘Discounts available for Russian tourists, as well as the strengthening ruble, mean that thousands of Urals’ residents will be able to go abroad. With MegaFon, they can call home and not worry about enormous phone bills: our base rates for roaming services in popular Asian and European countries are, respectively, up to 68% and 29% lower than those offered by other carriers,’ says MegaFon-Ural Mass Market Business Development Director Sergey Alferov.

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