Ural Electrochemical Plant’s revenues exceed 20bn RUR in 2014

April 29, 2015. Ural Electrochemical Plant’s overall revenues from selling goods, work, and services came to over 20.5bn RUR in 2014, which was 5.9% more than a year earlier, the company’s Director-General Alexander Belousov said in the course of a press tour.

According to Belousov, the plant’s net profit came to 6.1bn RUR last year. The annual capacity factor stood at 93.8%.

‘Our revenues have remained at around 20bn RUR for the last few years, and we expect the figure to remain approximately the same in 2015. This unfailing output figure means the company is using all of its facilities to the fullest and its produce enjoys stable demand. As for net profit figures, this went up by 65% last year due to fewer costs relating to restructuring and turning our non-core businesses into separate legal entities,’ Belousov explained.

According to the plant’s director-general, the annual labor productivity came to 7.8m RUR per worker last year, which was 31.6% better than a year earlier. CSR-related spending came to 232m RUR.

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