Sverdlovsk Region new homes prices go up 3.7%

14 April 2015 (09:40)

April 14, 2015. New homes prices went up by 3.7% in Sverdlovsk Region in the first quarter of the year; the prices on the existing homes market rose by 0.2%, Sverdlovskstat reports.

Prices increased for all types of housing, with average quality apartments growing 5.2% more expensive, enhanced quality ones growing 3.1% more expensive, and premium segment ones growing 2.7% more expensive.

As for the existing homes, prices went up by 0.3% for enhanced quality apartments and by0.6%for premium quality ones, whereas low and average quality homes grew 1.3% and 0.1% cheaper, respectively.

According to Sverdlovskstat, the average price of a square meter in a new home currently comes to 61,035 RUR; that of a square meter in an existing home comes to 64,432 RUR.

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