Concern Kalina’s prices to double in April

25 March 2015 (18:14)

March 25, 2015. Unilever, household cleaning goods manufacturer and the owner of the Urals-based Concern Kalina, announced its prices would rise by up to 114% in April 2015, RBC reports.

Unilever RUS reports all of its ex-works prices would go up on April 1, 2015. According to the distributor’s website, the price increase has to do with the dramatic weakening of the Russian ruble over the last few months.

For one, the distributor says the prices of 100 Rezeptov Krasoty products will increase by 2% to 114%, those of Chistaya Liniya products will go up by 2% to 56%.

The enterprise also makes a variety of other goods such as Lipton tea, Domestos cleaning stuffs, Calve salad dressings, Rexona deodorants, and Inmarko ice cream. Tea will grow 22% to 28% more expensive, the price of Domestos will rise by up to 44%, that of Dove products will go up by 4% to 58%.

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