Unilever: Concern Kalina can be estimated at 25.9bn RUR

8 December 2011 (09:12)

Somewhere around January 10, 2012, Unilever is to come up with an offer to buy out the remaining portion of Concern Kalina’s shares. The 82% shareholding in the Russian cosmetics manufacturing company comes at the price of about 17.4bn RUR, which is approximately 700m RUR more than what was originally declared. This increase is due to a number of changes in what regards the actual cost of the transaction. Kalina’s estimated value has remained the same, namely, about 25.9bn RUR, Unilever’s press service reports.

Unilever expects that the deadline for accepting the offer will come to about eighty calendar days, but the deadline for accepting the offer to buy the ADS/GDS might come a few business days before this.

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