RCC donates to Vasenin

10 March 2015 (14:34)

March 10, 2015. Russian Copper Company is now contributing to Vasenin, a film dedicated to the celebrations of the 70th Victory Day, the company’s press service reports.

‘Vasenin is a documentary about the life and love of a Russian soldier, a Great Patriotic War veteran. The main character is played by the veteran, Nikolai M. Vasenin, himself. He joined the front in 1939, was heavily wounded near Minsk in July 1941 and taken prisoner of war. He survived a chain of POW camps and ended up in France, where he joined the Resistance troops, set up ‘the group of Nicolas’ and fell in love with Jeanne Monot, the captain’s daughter. After the war was over, he came back to the USSR and was sentenced to fifteen years of labor camps. He was released in 1960 and rehabilitated in the mid-eighties,’ the company’s press service says.

The producer company DocFilmDoc, run by Andrei Grigoriev, and Pavel Sablin’s Highwaypictures carried out three successful crowd funding campaigns to collect 1.3m RUR; 2,823 people donated to the project.

‘The film attains particular topicality at the moment, when the need is felt to re-emphasize the role the USSR played in winning the war. Some of the younger generations’ representatives appear to have only vague ideas about the war. We believe this is going to be a universal film that will appeal to the hearts of a wide audience. The film makers managed to depict the history of a country in the life of one man. The decision to support the project was taken very quickly and with no doubts,’ says RCC PR & Social Policy Director Evgenia Chaplygina.

The film will hit the screens in May 2015: two versions will be available, the 52-minute one for TV and the 90-minute one, the director’s cut.

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