ChTPZ Group’s social projects prove Russia’s best

6 March 2015 (09:12)

March 6, 2015. ChTPZ Group’s educational project called the Future of White Metallurgy and its charity theatre festival for children called Snezhnost won awards from the Social Projects Fund and were declared Russia’s best ones. The Fund’s annual Russia’s Best Social Projects Contest was set up to support the Russian Government’s strategy on improving social policy through public, private, and society’s partnerships.

The Future of White Metallurgy aims to ensure an inflow of highly skilled young workers onto the country’s metallurgical plants; the project took off in 2011 thanks to the efforts made by ChTPZ Group, Sverdlovsk Region Government, and Pervouralsk Metallurgical College. This is, predictably, not the first time the project wins a prestigious national award.

Snezhnost, which was awarded the Fund’s special certificate, is an important interregional cultural event and ChTPZ Group’s largest charity project. The company has been organizing performances by Russia’s best theatre troops around New Year for over a decade now. The festival always covers several specially adjusted plays for children with disabilities as well as interviews with members of the artistic community. The key idea is to let children get in touch with art, beauty, and harmony and to give them the adults’ care and attention. Snezhnost is held for 14,000 young spectators in cities where ChTPZ Group runs its enterprises (Chelyabinsk (Chelyabinsk Region), Pervouralsk (Pervouralsk Region), and Almetyevsk (Tatarstan)) every year.

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