Local potatoes to disappear from Sverdlovsk Region markets in April

February 24, 2015. Last year’s yield of local potatoes will disappear from Sverdlovsk Region markets in April, Sverdlovsk Region Agriculture Minister Mikhail Kopytov informed UrBC.

He explained this had to do with lack of refrigerating equipment to store all the vegetables.

‘Our potatoes and carrots will have to leave the market between April and July: we don’t have any refrigerators in our warehouses, all things are stored at room temperatures,’ the minister said.

Apart from potatoes, local cabbage and carrot supplies were also said to be insufficient. According to the minister, Sverdlovsk Region won’t be able to live on its own vegetable produce through the end of spring.

‘This year’s carrot and cabbage supplies are smaller compared with a year earlier, they may not last till the end of spring. Besides, more potatoes go to waste because they had to be gathered when it was damp and slushy outside,’ Kopytov explained.

Kopytov feels vegetable prices might only go down after the freshly harvested supplies pour in from the south. The minister did not specify when this was to happen, but did stress the price decrease would only be a minor one.

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