3% of potato yield is left unharvested in Sverdlovsk Region

21 October 2014 (09:27)

October 21, 2014. The all-pervading snow and cold temperatures in Sverdlovsk Region are making harvesting very difficult to complete, Sverdlovsk Region Food & Agriculture Ministry reports.

‘The fields are full of snow, and our vehicles can’t operate there. We do hope the snow melts and we’ll be able to gather some of the remaining crops and vegetables off the frozen ground,’ says Sverdlovsk Region Food & Agriculture Minister Mikhail Kopytov.

According to Kopytov, things look the glummest in terms of crop harvesting: 15% of the total yield, or 55,000 hectares, are still out there in the fields.

Besides, 3% of this year’s potatoes still haven’t been harvested. Potatoes got frozen in many parts of the constituency due to low temperatures, so these are probably already inedible.

290 hectares of carrots and other vegetables remain unharvested as well.

‘We fit into the favorable agricultural vegetable harvesting terms, yet if it happens to be ten degrees centigrade below zero, vegetables might get irreparably frozen,’ Kopytov says.

On the brighter side, this year’s crop and vegetable yield is higher than in 2013, which makes things less dramatic, the Minister notes. The amount of potatoes that equals that of last year has already been harvested, and there is already plenty of forage in stock.

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