Yekaterinburg housing market supply keeps going down

5 February 2015 (13:15)

February 5, 2015. Supply keeps going down by over 1% a week on Yekaterinburg existing homes market, Ural Chamber of Real Estate reports.

The number of homes available for sale in the Chamber’s database dropped by 22.5% and comes to 7,800 at the moment (compared with nearly 10,100 in late October). The number of rooms in communal apartments plummeted by as many as 32% (from 1,800 down to 1,220).

Prices kept fluctuating noticeably throughout January: the city’s average price rose by 0.6% in the last four weeks. As of February 2, the average asking price on Yekaterinburg existing homes market stood at 76,635 RUR per m2: a variation of 0.5% compared with the start of the year.

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