ChTPZ Group’s Training Center approved for WorldSkills Russia

30 January 2015 (09:22)

January 30, 2015. ChTPZ Group’s Training Center was given the status of WorldSkills Russia’s Specialized Center; it will now be used for training contestants for the professional skills championships. The decision, which is part of the strategy to develop Ural Engineering School, was made by Sverdlovsk Region Education Ministry.

Contestants will train in four fields: Mechatronics, Mobile Robotic Science, Numerically Controlled Turn/Mill Operation, and Welding, the Group’s press service reports.

The Center’s primary task is to ensure the teams are ready to compete in international-standards-based championships and to unite trainers and foremen into an expert community and to train them in accordance with the WorldSkills requirements.

‘Sverdlovsk Region’s Center will have to do more than just these two tasks: we see it as a powerful resource for student job counseling, for promotion of blue-collar jobs, and for restoration of Ural Engineering School. ChTPZ Group’s Training Center has been making these efforts for quite a while now. For one, they offer tech lessons to four schools in Pervouralsk in cooperation with the town’s education council. This is, in fact, the foundation of the center’s future activity. Our job is to increase the number of schools involved. Our so-called Future of White Metallurgy Project is unique in that our experts train and educate high school and college students to help them win in annual WorldSkills competitions and find good jobs (employment figures are actually staggering),’ says Sverdlovsk Region Deputy Education Minister Alexei Pakhomov.

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