UBRD launches more online sales channels

January 30, 2015. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development (UBRD) launched more online sales channels over the last few months. Last October, an agreement was signed with Emarsys, an international business that offers professional email marketing solutions. This helps the UBRD find new customers over the Internet and reliably keep its customers notified of all the important news, the bank’s press service reports.

According to Online Sales Development Director Anton Ogorodnikov, texts and emails serve as an efficient sales channel for the bank. These deliver information on new products, services, special offers, or the status of one’s online application to customers who are interested in the bank’s new options.

‘The use of Emarsys platform means we can be confident the email was delivered to each and every one of the customers on the mailing list. This is crucial, since we send out millions of emails a month, we need to be sure every one of them has been delivered. Moreover, we can now analyze the receivers’ reaction to the emails they get and come up with customized offers, depending on their interest and on what they do on our website once they clicked on the link in the email,’ Ogorodnikov says.

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