Trade turnover at 4.6 trillion RUR in Sverdlovsk Region

28 January 2015 (13:13)

January 28, 2015. The trade turnover of Sverdlovsk Region-based businesses came to 4,626,711,000,000 RUR in January-December 2014, which was 9.4% more than in 2013, Sverdlovskstat reports.

Wholesale and retail traders, car mechanics, and repair shops’ accumulated turnover stood at 2,266,502,000,000 RUR; this figure was 13.7% greater than that for the year 2013 and proved the highest among all industries.

The turnover figures were the smallest when it came to the fishing industry: the figure stood at 24.5m RUR, which was 36.6% less than in 2013.

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