Lastochka goes on ‘maiden trip’

21 January 2015 (14:13)

January 21, 2015. Lastochka, an electric train produced by Verkhnyaya Pyshma-based Ural Locomotives (a member enterprise of Sinara Group) went on its first-time shift from Yekaterinburg to Verkhoturye, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

During this trip, Sinara Group Director-General Mikhail Khodorovsky and Ural Locomotives DG Alexander Saltayev informed Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev of all the advantages of the new train and of the production development options. The Governor also paid a visit to the driver’s cabin in order to see how comfortable it was for the crew.

Saltayev said 30 five-car city express trains would be made in 2015. Under the existing contract, the first nine Lastochkas will be supplied to Russian Railways in March: these will be used at Moscow and Saint Petersburg railway junctions. The contract, valid through 2020, provides for delivery of 1,200 trains to Russian Railways altogether.

Lastochka proved to accelerate and to slow down very fast, to move very smoothly, and to be able to go at as much as 150 km per hour. A modern climate control system made sure the passengers were comfortable inside. The trip took 3.5 hours (one way), which is two hours faster than when you travel to Verkhtorye by bus.

Evgeny Kuivashev pointed out that Sverdlovsk Region authorities were interested in Lastochka’s speedy arrival in the Urals. This pilot trip has shown that high-speed trains could be introduced here without too many infrastructure investments.

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