EVRAZ Group appoints new managers

January 16, 2015. Vladislav Zhukov was appointed CEO of EVRAZ KGOK, Kachkanar Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise, and Vyacheslav Sarayev was appointed CEO of EVRAZ NMTP, Nakhodka Trade Sea Port. Both executives will assume office on January 16, 2015, the Group’s press service reports.

Zhukov, who used to work as CEO EVRAZ Nakhodka Trade Sea Port, will now be in charge of EVRAZ KGOK’s long-term development, enhancing the efficiency of fixed asset investment, and working towards greater profitability. He is going to succeed Vladimir Bobrov.

Sarayev, former Project Manager at Mezhegeyskoye coal deposit, will keep on elaborating and implementing EVRAZ NMTP’s development strategy, which consists in an increase in business productivity, ever-growing transshipment output, a wider range of services, greater performance efficiency, and lowering of costs.

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