Alexander Grubman appointed ChTPZ DG

December 25, 2014. First Deputy Director-General Alexander Grubman was appointed the new Director-General of Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant (ChTPZ).

Grubman is going to succeed Vitaliy Sadykov, who used to run both of ChTPZ Group’s divisions, the pipe-manufacturing one and the O&G servicing one. Following his leave of office, Sadykov will focus on the development of Rimera.

As the plant’s new Director-General, Alexander Grubman will be in charge of developing and implementing the company strategy: enhancing the business performance efficiency and the company’s competitiveness and expanding sales market. He will also be responsible for further promotion of the so-called White Metallurgy, that is, the sort of philosophy, corporate culture and production system ChTPZ endorses.

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