Skoda prices go up 7%

25 December 2014 (13:13)

December 25, 2014. Skoda raised prices for all of its car makes by an average of 7% on December 23: the price increase will thus come to between 40,000 RUR and 100,000 RUR per item, Avtostat reports.

For one, Skoda Roomster is now 60,000 RUR more expensive and costs 806,000 RUR. Skoda Yeti also grew 60,000 RUR more expensive.

The increase in the price of Skoda Rapid will depend on the options you are buying: Rapid Active will become 40,000 RUR more expensive, Rapid Ambition will become 46,000 RUR more expensive, and Rapid Elegance will become 50,000 RUR more expensive. The base price now starts from 539,000 RUR. Skoda Octavia (both lift-back and universal makes) are now 70,000 RUR more expensive, Octavia Combi Scout and L&K are now 90,000 RUR more expensive, and the most powerful Octavia RS is now 100,000 RUR more expensive. The price increase for Skoda Superb varies between 80,000 RUR and 110,000 RUR.

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