ChTZ Uraltrac vehicles to be used for natural gas and oil prospecting

17 November 2014 (09:22)

November 17, 2014. ChTZ Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) is going to deliver six B10M bulldozers to geophysicists working in Irkutsk Region, the corporation’s press service says.

These vehicles with mechanical gear and an engine made at Yaroslavl Motor Plant are fitted with the protection needed for operation within woods. In addition to a steel frame above the cabin that protects the tractor and the driver against falling trees when the vehicle is moving, there are also protective grids on the windows and additional protection on the undercarriage.

The bulldozers are also fitted with extra self-contained heaters for the cabin: after all, the vehicles will be used in the Siberian winters.

According to ChTZ Uraltrac Corporate Sales Center’s Director Denis Shabalin, the machines are meant for towing special sledges with devices on them whose electromagnetic impulses help to detect oil and natural gas deposits. The bulldozers will also be useful in road-making and clearing up of spaces for equipment within the woods.

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