Russians can travel to Mongolia visa-free

November 17, 2014. Starting today, an agreement comes into effect that allows Russian citizens to visit Mongolia without a visa provided they hold a valid passport. This information is available from the Mongolian Consulate in Yekaterinburg’s official website.

The agreement was signed as early as September 3.

‘Under this agreement, Russian and Mongolian subjects who hold diplomatic, business, or travelling passports can enter, leave, fly through, or stay within the other state’s territory for up to thirty days without a visa; their total duration of stay must not exceed ninety days within every 180-day period starting from the entry date,’ the website says.

To stay in Mongolia for longer in order to work or do business there, applicants must obtain a visa in accordance with the regulations set forth by the country of entry.

In fact, over forty countries have already signed the visa-free agreement.

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