Sverdlovskstat: Arrears of wages go up 5 times in Sverdlovsk Region

23 October 2014 (09:09)

October 23, 2014. The amount of wages owed by Sverdlovsk Region-based employers to their workers rose by nearly 4.7 times in January-September 2014 compared with January-September 2013, head of Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal State Statistics Service Elena Kutina announced at a press conference.

‘This is the greatest figure among all of Ural Federal District’s constituencies. As for Russia on the whole, the increase in the arrears of wages came to 20.1% I’d like to stress that the median monthly pay in Sverdlovsk Region currently comes to 29,039 RUR, which is 7.6% more than at the start of the year,’ Kutina said.

According to Kutina, the median figure for the whole of Russia comes to 31,487 RUR.

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