Till equipment offenses rise by over 10% in Sverdlovsk Region

21 October 2014 (09:26)

October 21, 2014. Some offenses were detected in 89.8% of cases cash-register equipment was used in Sverdlovsk Region in the three quarters of 2014. A year earlier, the figure stood at 78.8%, Sverdlovsk Region division of the Federal Tax Service says.

As of October 1, 2014, 84,778 till equipment units have been registered with Sverdlovsk Region’s fiscal bodies.

In the nine months of 2014, the local fiscal authorities coordinated 2,827 inspections (15.2%, or 373 inspections more than a year earlier), including 2,220 checks of how the equipment is applied, 455 checks of completeness of the recording of receipts, and 152 checks of special-purpose bank accounts. During 2,540 of these inspections, or in 89.8% of cases, legal violations were detected in the way cash register equipment and procedures were handled (the figure was 78.8% in the three quarters of 2013).

Following the inspections, a total of 15,722,000 RUR worth of fines were issued (up 59.4%, or 5,859,000 RUR, on a year earlier); 10,692,000 RUR, or 68% of this sum, were directed to budget funds.

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