Maxim Loskutov’s Simple Portraits Exhibition comes to an end in Yekaterinburg

8 October 2014 (09:20)

Simple Portraits, Maxim Loskutov’s photography exhibition hosted by Yekaterinburg Gallery of Modern Art on September 16-25, has come to an end.

According to the photographer himself, he will keep making portraits, but these new works will not necessarily make a homogeneous series.

‘Simple Portraits is over, and so is the series of portraits as such. I am glad to have come to a finale. This does not mean I’m not going to make any such portraits in the future, but this will fall outside a series, I am still planning to do this for certain customers, one option, for example, is to have one’s portrait made with light coming from the window. Prices start from 3,000 RUR,’ Loskutov says on his Facebook page.

Maxim Loskutov embarked on the series in 2012 and now has over a hundred works in his archive; these portraits have already become a recognizable hallmark of his style.

Forty photographic portraits of the ‘new wave’ people who are well known in Yekaterinburg were displayed at the exhibition.

‘These people are media managers, artists, photographers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and ad men, the so-called trendsetters, the ones who are to shape Yekaterinburg’s business and culture agenda in the foreseeable future. They are the ones who set the rules of the game for the developing city,’ the exhibition coordinators say.

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