BRICS and Customs Union HQ might get transferred to Yekaterinburg in time for 300th anniversary

September 17, 2014. Head of Yekaterinburg Council Alexander Yakob informed Sverdlovsk Region Government of the plans relating to preparations for the Urals’ capital’s 300th anniversary.

According to the city council’s press service, Yakob pointed out in his report that 23% of expenses were to be covered with funds from the national budget, 35% would be covered with funds from Sverdlovsk Region’s budget, 17% would be backed up by the city budget, and 25% of the money would flow in from non-budget sources. The planning period ranges between three and ten years and evolves along several directions.

The celebration agenda for Yekaterinburg’s 300th anniversary took off with getting the local residents’ proposals. The list comprises nearly a hundred suggestions at the moment; these proposals were discussed with the locals at the Innoprom 2014 Exhibition and at Yekaterinburg History Museum.

The construction of a second line of the underground, creation of a cultural/historical heritage zone on the site of the old Verkh-Isetsky Metallurgical Plant, and construction of a green recreational area along the River Iset from Verkh-Isetsky Pond to Nizhne-Isetsky Pond as well as the renovation of the TV tower and its surroundings and issuance of a commemorative coin/banknote were among the most popular proposals.

On the image-investment side, the city is expected to host plenty of summits and forums (including those for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS), become the home of BRICS and Customs Union’s headquarters, and have Ural Federal University become one of the world’s top 100 colleges.

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