Alexander Yakob: Yekaterinburg to get new district after EXPO 2020

19 June 2013 (09:24)

June 19, 2013. After EXPO 2020 exhibition comes to an end in Yekaterinburg, the city will be left will a full-fledged district suitable for living in, head of Yekaterinburg Administration Alexander Yakob said when looking at the preliminary results of implementing the city’s Strategic Development Plan.

He says a land allotment of 550 hectares has been reserves on the right bank of Verkh-Isetsky Pond to house both EXPO Park and EXPO Village.

‘Pavilions will be built for the participant countries to host their shows, as well as a residential area for the support personnel during the construction and holding of the exhibition. After EXPO is over, this area will be converted into one more residential district of Yekaterinburg. Some of the pavilions are expected to be dismantled and put away after all the events come to an end. However, the city will retain all the accompanying road and engineering infrastructure as well as the building foundations that can be used to put up regular or unordinary socially important buildings like hospitals, clinics, libraries, museums and so on. This will be, in fact, a ready residential district with all the infrastructure already available. The area will have a beautiful embankment, some theaters, including a summer one, and other interesting facilities,’ the city council’s press service quotes Yakob as saying.

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