TMK member enterprises give aid to local schools and kindergartens

4 September 2014 (12:51)

September 4, 2014. The member enterprises of Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) based in the Urals, that is, Sinara PipePlant (SinTZ) and Seversky Pipe Plant (STZ) announced the results of their financial aid campaign targeted at helping local kindergartens and schools get ready for the new school year. The company’s member enterprises support eight schools and six kindergartens in Kamensk Uralsky and nine schools in and around Polevskoy, Sverdlovsk Region, TMK press service reports.

Thanks to these pipe manufacturers, two schools in Kamensk Uralsky got a new food unit and two mores schools got renovated auditoriums (the one in School 15 will also host workshops by Sinara Culture & Sports Club and the one in School 30 will host sessions by Cloud Developmental Teaching Studio). Gyms were redecorated in four more schools; School 38 was given a computer lab, School 31 got a new roof above the cafeteria zone.

As for kindergartens the company supports, a lot of improvements were introduced there as well. For one, one of the kindergartens got a new food unit, while another one was given new armored doors with video phones. Old window frames and panes were replaced at three kindergartens. Nine verandahs were redecorated at one of the kindergartens, and the heating equipment at the crèches department is expected to be repaired as well.

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