Business Process Architect: New profession emerges upon MMK’s initiative

The representatives of Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) are now developing a new professional standard for a business process architecture specialist. The company’s initiative has already been approved of by the Russian Federation Labor & Social Protection Ministry. Any interested party is welcome to take part in the discussion of the new standard.

This is how MMK Internal Control, Audit, Risk Management & Business Processes Director Ekaterina Bolotova explains the need for a new profession:

‘Russian companies entering the global market have to compete with the world’s leading manufacturers, so in order to stay competitive, they need clever and professional designs of business processes both for a single economic entity and for interacting enterprises and economic branches,’ she says.

The main idea behind creating a new profession is to enhance the quality of governance and to ensure an economic entity reaches its goals through design and improvement of business processes.

The standard developers believe that drawing out the business processes that will ensure transparency and improve corporate governance will boost production efficiency, attract customers and investors, and, in the long run, help companies achieve their strategic goals.

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