ChTPZ Group and Turkmenneft sign memorandum of cooperation

August 27, 2014. ChTPZ Group and Turkmenneft signed a memorandum on commercial and scientific and technological cooperation. Such was the result of a business visit the Turkmen company representatives paid to ChTPZ Group’s member enterprises Alnas, Izhneftemash, Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, and Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant, ChTPZ Group’s press service reports.

The memorandum secured the two parties’ interest in multi-faceted cooperation, primarily in the area of the White Well Project in Turkmenistan.

ChTPZ Group’s project is currently unique to the Russian energy sector market, for it consists in integrated supply of oil production equipment and after-sales services. Thanks to customized selection, production, and servicing of the specially compiled sets of electrical submersible pumps and compression pumps that are best fitted for the complicated well stock, the non-failure operating time increases for the entire substructure of the wells. This means fewer RIH/POOH operations, fewer repairs, and lower accompanying costs. For one, the non-failure operating time came to over 365 days for White Well Project equipment at one of Tomskneft’s wells. This was three times longer than the median non-failure operating time. The figure was also 30% above the sector’s average at two of the wells operated by LUKOIL Western Siberia.

According to this recent memorandum, pilot tests will be carried out at six of Turkmenneft’s wells. Based on the test results, ChTPZ Group’s experts will decide on the most suitable oil production equipment that will be delivered to Turkmenneft. First and foremost, these will be compression pumps, casing, and oil pipelines with the diameter of 57mm to 426mm.

The Group’s cooperation with Turkmenneft also provides for training of the oil company specialists on the premises of ChTPZ Group Training Center in Pervouralsk to make sure the equipment is used efficiently.

This closed economy country is estimated to have over 70,000bn kg of oil equivalent. Our negotiations on the possible future cooperation and the Turkmen party’s visit to our member enterprises were very prolonged. The Turkmen visitors’ arrival and the signing of the memorandum can be considered a real breakthrough on ChTPZ Commercial Service’s part,’ says ChTPZ Managing Director Valentin Tazetdinov.

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