ChTPZ Group takes part in Oil & Gas Exhibition

25 June 2015 (12:05)

UrBC, Moscow, June 25, 2015. ChTPZ Group is presenting its White Well Project and its latest equipment for artificial oil lift and well repair at MIOGE 2015, the oil and gas exhibition, in Moscow’s Expocenter on June 23-26.

The White Well Project, implemented jointly by the Group’s pipe-manufacturing and oil equipment maintenance divisions, stands for helping companies increase their oil production outputs at difficult wells through prolonging the equipment’s time between overhauls. This can be achieved with the help of customized choice of pipe materials and supplying equipment pieces in compatible sets. On average, a set of White Well equipment reduces stoppages down to twenty days per well, which results in 3m RUR worth of per-well savings within a three-year period.

‘Our member enterprise Rimera has at its disposal a unique set of assets that enables us to offer customers complex underground equipment solutions. Our products are corrosion-resistant tubing made at Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant and electrical submersible pump units made at Alnas. We decide on specific equipment for a certain well, produce it at our member enterprises, deliver, and provide after-sale service by Rimera Service throughout the entire lifespan of the machines and the tubes. Our White Well sets have already undergone pilot testing at Russia and the CIS-based large O&G companies and proven to increase the time between overhauls by five to six times,’ says Rimera Director-General Vitaly Sadykov.

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