Number of Yekaterinburg hostels to double by 2018

8 August 2014 (13:13)

August 8, 2014. The number of hostels available in Yekaterinburg is expected to double by 2018, the city council’s press service reports. There are currently 42 hostels (180 rooms, or over 1,000 beds all in all) in the city altogether.

‘The city council believes this hotel segment could prove useful for accommodating visitors who will arrive to take part in the large-scale national and international events, including the World Cup 2018, when some of the matches will be played in Yekaterinburg,’ the city council says.

‘During their inspection of the local hostels, Vladimir Bolikov and hotel industry experts reminded the hostel management that the businesses would have to undergo a classification procedure. Starting from July 1, 2015, Yekaterinburg as a host city for the world football championship must get all of its hotels and hostels starred. Deputy Head of Yekaterinburg Council believes both hostels he’s visited today stand a good chance of undergoing the classification procedure successfully,’ the press service says.

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