TMK raises prices on August 1 due to rising raw stuffs costs

1 August 2014 (15:48)

August 1, 2014. TMK-INOX, a joint venture run by Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) and Rosnano Corporation, is announcing an increase in welded stainless DIN EN10217, DIN 11850, and GOST 11068 prices; the new price list applies to all the newly signed contracts starting from August 1, 2014.

The increase will reach up to 5%. According to TMK, this step was necessitated by the rising raw stuffs costs, namely, the cost of hot- and cold-rolled materials such as rolls that are used for making this variety of pipes.

TMK INOX, TMK and Rosnano’s JV, was set up in 2010 on the basis of Sinara Pipe Plant’s Pipe-Drawing Department 3. The enterprise was established as a hi tech, efficient producer of special-purpose pipes, that is, weldless and welded precision pipes made from stainless steels, with controllable nanostructure and improved properties.

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