Evgeniy Olkhovik elected Koltsovo Airport’s BOD Chairman

July 30, 2014. Evgeniy Olkhovik was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors at Koltsovo Airport, the Yekaterinburg-based airport reports.

The election took place during Koltsovo Airport BOD meeting on July 25. The airport’s company secretary was also elected during the meeting.

Following the annual general meeting which was held on June 30, a new Board of Directors was elected as well. The BOD now comprises Andrei Shtorkh, Alexander Zaporozhskiy, Evgeniy Olkhovik, Evgeniy Chudnovskiy, Alexei Piskunov, Dmitri Kasatkin, Nikolai Ulyanov, and Oleg Fedotovskikh.

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