MMK steel is steel of choice for Russian Navy ships

16 July 2014 (09:17)

July 16, 2014. AK35-9SV steel sheets made at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works underwent all the commissioning tests and was recommended by the interdepartmental committee as the steel of choice for the Russian Navy ships, MMK reports.

MMK experts and Prometey Central Scientific Research Construction Materials Institute developed a technology for making AK35-9SV steel sheets within a closed cycle. To make these sheets, the company uses slabs made at MMK oxygen converter shop; these slabs are then rolled with the helof of Mill 5000. The sheets are then treated in the furnaces at the company's plate iron department. According to the results of the tests, these steel sheets were pronounced suitable for the needs of the Russian Navy in terms of its mechanical properties, resistance to destruction, and welding properties.

MMK's options for making ship steel grew wider thanks to the launch of plate Mill 5000 in 2009. This mill, which comprises an out-of-furnace treatment unit, a CC machine, Mill 5000, and a thermal section) makes it possible to manufacture sheets for large-diameter pipes, goods for oil rigs operating in the Arctic, bridge-building products, and boiler materials. What is more, the mill can also make ship steel, including the one fit for the Russian Navy, tankers, and modern ice vessels. The ship steel made at Mill 5000 was certified by France's Bureau Veritas, the Russian Maritime Register, the Russian River Register, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), Lloyd Register, Norway's Det Norske Veritas, and Germany's Germanischer Lloyd.

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