UBT-Ecologia starts supplying furnace charge to ChTZ-Uraltrac

July 21, 2014. UBT-Ecologia started supplying furnace charge to ChTZ-Uraltrac. This means that Uralvagonzavod Corporation's daughter enterprise is now delivering some 2,000,000 kg of raw material to another daughter enteprise and thus fully meets the latter's needs, the corporation's press service reports.

According to Deputy Director of UBT-Ecologia's Chelyabinsk subsidiary Vladislav Galunchikov, this brings the companies to a closed production cycle. The drop-hammer plant first receives the plant's byproducts such as chips and clippings and then makes them fit for recycling.

While fully meeting the enterprise's furnace charge needs, the corporation's daughter enterprise's subsidiary has also created new jobs. The staff team nearly doubled and now counts more than 50 people.

UBT-Ecologia's subsidiary also commissioned a number of administrative and utilities buildings for the drop-hammer plant workers at ChTZ-Uraltrac.

'The commissioning of five module-type buildings that house shower rooms, sanitary facilities, a canteen, and a room for engineers, technicians, and security staff took place on the eve of Metallurgist's Day,' the company reports.

According to head of the drop-hammer plant Vitaliy Karsakov, metal structures, insulation material, tiles, plastic window frames, and other materials that were used for the modules were bought specially for the purpose. The buildings came out comfortable and modern. There is always plenty of hot water in the shower rooms thanks to installed boilers, the lavatories are fitted with heated floors, and the canteen has all the necessary electric appliances. The workers are currently only using it to warm up their lunches, but the company is thinking of inviting an actual cook to make food right there.

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