LEPSE starts using FE analysis system ANSYS

7 July 2014 (17:08)

July 7, 2014. The design and development office of LEPSE (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) started using the finite element analysis system ANSYS for designing electric motors, the corporation’s press service reports.
So far, as many as ten power-actuated motors have already been designed and manufactured with the help of this new system.
ANSYS FE analysis system allows one to do all the calculations needed for designing and making electric motors using the classical chain methods and equivalent circuits; it also makes multi-criteria optimization possible and allows one to do field calculations using the finite element method and model the work of electric motors with the help of simulation modeling or block diagram models.
‘Electric motors are something our plant specializes in; nearly all of goods made at LEPSE have an AC electronic motor or a commutator motor in them,’ says the office’s chief designer Alexei Frolov.
‘This is exactly what the program allows us to do: do the calculations for every motor and optimize the model for every mechanism type, that is, to track the efficiency of electric engineering materials spending, find the best temperature and the best operating mode for drives and motors.’

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