Court makes Zeta Motors pay debt for ad campaign in Yekaterinburg

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court sustained the claim laid by OOO Outdoor City against ZAO Zeta Motors and made the defendant pay 100,000 RUR.

According to the files of the case, the two companies signed an agreement for locating and displaying a number of advertising materials in December 2009. OOO Outdoor City promised to display the ads in Vosmoye Marta St, Malyshev St, and Karl Liebknecht St in Yekaterinburg. The ad campaign services cost 245,580 RUR, but Zeta Motors did not agree to pay a portion of the sum of its own accord and left the plaintiff’s queries unanswered.

The court ruled in favor of the advertising agency.

Now ZAO Zeta Motors is the official dealer of Volkswagen.

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